Friday, 13 February 2015

Mr Paton
I have been a fan of the Little Grey Rabbit books since I was a small boy. I realised as I grew up that what attracted me to them, in the main, were the Margaret Tempest illustrations. This was enhanced by the fact that I was born and bred in Ipswich where Margaret was born and spent the greater part of her life.
I have been reading pieces from your great website and other websites and have discovered two errors which seem to have been perpetuated:
1.  Margaret Tempest was not born in Parkfield, Park Road, Ipswich. I have a copy of her birth certificate and she was born at 28 Fonnereau Road, Ipswich. This is of great importance to me because I am a member of the Ipswich Society and I intend to encourage them to display a blue plaque in her honour at her birth site.
2.  I can find no evidence that Frank Tempest, Margaret’s brother, was mayor of Ipswich. Certainly her father, Charles Ernest Tempest, was indeed mayor in 1926/1927.
More power to your elbow in advancing the cause of this great illustrator.
Mervyn Russen (Mr)

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