June 2018

Dear Miss McIntyre and Mr. Paton,

I have found among my father’s possessions a parchment presentation booklet containing the names of the students and possibly teachers at the Westminster School of Art; the presentation booklet to Muriel Olive Cecile Goulden when she left off teaching at the Westminster School of Art, very likely after 1914.  The names in black presumably the students’, the names in red (including “Miss M. M. Tempest”) presumably the teachers’.  There is a beautiful monogram which appear to have the letters  C I C for the Chelsea Illustrators’ Club.  The calligrapher is not named.

Also perhaps part of the booklet is a printed catalogue for the Arlington Gallery in Old Bond Street with a date: “Closing Friday, March 3rd”, which relates to one of these years: 1916, 1922, 1933 and 1939.  Its title is:  Little paintings in Sussex. Watercolours by M. O. Goulden.  London & other pictures by B. S. Pedder and Illustrations by Margaret Tempest at Arlington Gallery, 22, Old Bond Street, W. 1.  B. S. Pedder is Beatrice Stella Pedder whose name appears in the presentation copy to my grandmother as  “Miss B. Pedder”.  The list of paintings and illustrations are marked off in manuscript:  “M. O. Goulden”, “Margaret Tempest” and “B. S. Pedder”.

This catalogue is part of the parchment presentation booklet (tucked in, held by ribbons).  There is a date for a painting: 1913.  But one of the Goulden paintings has been “lent by J. R. Henderson, Esq.”.  John Roderick Henderson married my aunt Wilma-Ruth Goulden in 1939.  This makes it “Friday, March 3rd” [1939].

Also included as part of the booklet is a calling or acknowledgement card for the Chelsea Illustrators.

So maybe the presentation booklet can be dated to before 1939 if the printed catalogue was later added?  You say that Margaret Tempest’s diaries were published: the entries start from when and is this presentation booklet referred to? And the title of the published diaries and when published?

I have no idea if you also have the Arlington Gallery printed catalogue and whether it is marked off in manuscript as mine is.

Yours sincerely,

R. J. Goulden


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