Saturday 10th August 2013

Dear Mr. Paton

You may remember that, earlier this year, I contacted you to ask for permission to use some of the information on your website about Margaret Tempest. This was for a Women’s Institute exhibit at this year’s Suffolk Show. You kindly agreed to the use of one illustration and I am attaching the piece of prose that was used in the exhibit. The judges remarks were as follows:
“Beautifully presented and very appealing to children about a very talented lady. Very well done” marks 16 out of 20 (tough judges in WI )
With best wishes
Mitzi Tyler





Margaret Tempest was born into a well know Ipswich family. Her father served as Mayor, her elder brother, Roger, was Rector of Kersey, and her younger brother Frank, a solicitor, also became Mayor of Ipswich.

She early on showed a gift for drawing, attending the Ipswich Art School before going on to the Westminster School of Art in 1914. Whilst in London she co-founded the Chelsea Illustrators Club. Freelance teaching was also part of her London life, numbering Peter Scott amongst her many pupils. Apart from these years between the wars, Margaret spent the whole of her long life in Ipswich. She began illustrating Alison Uttley’s Little Grey Rabbit books in 1929 and continued well into the 1960’s.

Besides her art, her other great passion was sailing, at one time being elected Commodore of the Pin Mill Sailing Club.

She married late in life a widowed cousin, Sir Grimwood Meers, a former Chief Justice in Allahabad, India, and they had a happy time together till his death in 1963.

Margaret Tempest was a fine artist, at her best in the unassuming portrayal of animals and the countryside. She had a particular affinity with children: at their frequent visits she would sit each one on her lap, ask which animal they liked best, and proceed to draw it for them.


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