Tuesday 20th August 2013

I went to Great Whelnetham Village School from 1951 to 1957 and every so often we had a rector from Stanningfield Village come to the school and tell us Bible stories. His name was Reverent Tempest and on occasions, we had a special treat. He used to bring this lady with him and whilst he told us the Bible story this lady would do lots of drawings relating to the story. This lady was Margaret Tempest and she would show us some of her drawings relating to her books and we were so interested and admired her work. It wasn’t until about a year ago that my brother picked up a book at a car boot sale with detail about Margaret that brought back some really good memories. Great Whelnetham And Stanningfield were very small villages about 4 miles from Bury. St.Emunds and we thought this is where Rev.Tempest and Margaret lived. It would be lovely to hear your comments.

Ken Poole.


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